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You can stop premature ejaculation using hypnosis without any herbal supplements. You need to control the level of your arousal; you have t follow the hypnotic techniques and your nervous system will stay at the level you want. The sensitivity of your penis head depends on the level of your sexual arousal and your feelings. If you cannot control your orgasms, it means you need to follow these simple rules:

- you have to change your daily meal
- you need some hypnotic exercises in the morning and the evening (5 minutes)
- you have to follow the tantric sex techniques
- you need to stop drinking alcohol
- do not take any drugs or medications

You can delay your ejaculation time in one-two months just because you follow the steps above. If you cannot hold ejaculation longer that two minutes, it's not a disease at all. There's no need to visit a doctor; your sexual life will change if you're practicing the hypnosis. You can buy a book or watch a hypnotic video; there are a lot of advice concerning premature ejaculation on forums and blogs. You can share your sexual worries with other men, who already tried hypnotic exercises. You can buy a tutorial. The easiest way is to take supplements, but there is no guarantee it will work for you without side effects.